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> The Pursuit of Things 

   Consumerism inspired by a week in Rome


> A Niceday for walking the dog 

   Visual humour in this office stationery brand


> Prediction design

   Products from the future in films from today


> Shop till you bop

   The funky interiors of Britain's first suburban mall


> United Status of America

   How three designers changed the face of corporate identity


> Dream machines: The sports car

   The design and image of the post-war sports car


> Fragments of… Blade Runner: Tools of the trade

   Spinner and gun - one of five pieces on the film across this site


> White Heat London

   The cutting-edge capital of the 1960s in twelve projects


> California: Designing Freedom

   An exhibition as interesting for its omissions as its eye-openers                  





Chris Rogers  |  Writer on architecture and visual culture

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