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Home, and away London and beyond


> Crossrail

   What became London's Elizabeth Line started its journey here


> San Francisco Modern

   Admiring post-war towers whilst strolling the West Coast city


> Centre Point

   Groovy! Seifert's London tower at a moment of change


> Off the rails? 

   New directions for London Underground's architecture


> British Embassy, Rome

   Exclusive Visiting Basil Spence's gem in the eternal city


> Manchester modified: Spinningfields

   Two days considering the reshaping of a district


> The Angel Building

   Exclusive Pioneering reinvention in London, with the architects


> Berlin: Topography of time

   Absorbing multiple histories on the streets of Germany's capital


> Gaudi and the Sagrada Familia: The heart of stone 

   Experiencing Barcelona's church after decades of its evolution


> Paddington Waterside

   A maturing London development reviewed for signs of life


> Fragments of… Blade Runner: The city and the city

   Los Angeles, 2019 - one of five pieces on the film across this site


> Venice: The gilded cage

   Wandering a place trapped by its past, present and future


> British Museum World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre

   Press preview Touring the newest wing, with its architects


> Hamburg: Water, fire and air

   Walking the city still shaped by these elements today

> Tide and technology: Dockland's last wave

   Before closure, London’s industrial waterways made one final effort

> Grand Designs: The Lambeth water tower

   Exclusive Inside the television series' 100th project, in London






P1 arch - Copy

The City of London Where Britain's capital began


> 30 St Mary Axe

   Visiting the 'Gherkin', including its summit bar...


> Holland House

   ... and a continental cuckoo in the nest below


> Future Fantastic? The Barbican at 25

   The Brutalist estate marks its quarter-century


> City/edge City

   How the Square Mile is pushing east


> Tower 42

   At the top of the former NatWest tower, a super-tall pioneer


> The Leadenhall Building

   Press preview On floor forty with its architects


> 20 Fenchurch Street

   Heretical thoughts within and about the Walkie Talkie


> Bloomberg

   Press preview Inside and beneath the new building


> Merrill Lynch Financial Centre

   Exclusive Exploring the bank in the company of its architect

> City of London Law Courts  ++ PROJECT TRACKER ++

   Following this major development from start to finish




Chris Rogers  |  Writer on architecture and visual culture

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