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P3 Tv

> Coffee, hot dogs, donuts: NYPD Blue

    The true meaning of the classic police series


> TV times

    How television drama plays with time


> Style Drivers

    Three car commercials that don't rely on speed to sell


Joe Ahearne -


  > Strange daze: Joe Ahearne 

      The work of the creator of Ultraviolet, with exclusive quotes


  > Inside The Secret of Crickley Hall

     Exclusive insights during the making of Ahearne's Halloween drama


  > The Replacement

     Assessing Ahearne's stylish paranoiac thriller with exclusive material


> Fragments of… Blade Runner: All-seeing eye 

   Entering pictures via the Esper - one of five pieces on the film across this site


> The art at the heart of Robin of Sherwood

    How Victorian paintings influenced the look of the eighties series






Chris Rogers  |  Writer on architecture and visual culture

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