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The Power of Process: Extended online edition

The book was launched at the Architectural Association in 2010. The printed edition inevitably represented a compromise between what was intended by author and subject and what ultimately proved possible within the constraints of time, space and finance.  


The unique characteristics of the web, however, present a perfect opportunity to address this by providing a place where material that was excluded from the book can be seen. On these webpages will thus be found unused pictures, drawings, comments, ideas and notes from the author, set out by chapter to match the book.

Chapter 0 – Concepts, covers, notes; the lost preface


Chapter 3 – Life, in pictures


Chapter 5 – Sources for early British works


Chapter 6 – Burne House telecommunications centre




Michael Pearson, 1933 - 2021

I hope my memories of meeting, working with and knowing Michael add to the picture built up in the book and these pages.

Chris Rogers  |  Writer on architecture and visual culture

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