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Chapter 5 – Sources for early British works

5.3a  REF - Ham Comm (2398539192_956a850532)
5.9a  REF - Hunstanton
5.16a  REF - Kahn - ANRMR

Langham House Close flats at Ham Common, Richmond-upon-Thames, by James Stirling with James Gowan, whose window arrangements influenced both Lancaster Royal Grammar School  and Mayford approved school (image from Flickr user ‘joseph beuys hat’)

5.7a - Crown Hall (Esto) mod

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Crown Hall at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago and the Smithsons’ Hunstanton School, Norfolk, both references for Shackcliffe Green School (Wayne Andrews/Esto; John Maltby/RIBA)

Louis Kahn’s Alfred Newton Richards Medical Research Building at the University of Pennsylvania with detached ‘servant’ towers, informing the design for Middleton parish hall (Julius Schulman archives, Getty Research Institute; Louis I Kahn Collection, University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission )

5.16b  REF - Kahn - ANRMR plan
5.44a  REF - Prouve - frame (Fam) mod


The innovative Crown Local Office designs borrowed from the portal frames of Jean Prouvé  and the US SCSD school system (Prouvé  estate)


Chris Rogers  |  Writer on architecture and visual culture

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