Chris Rogers  |  Writer on architecture and visual culture

> The light and darkness war: The Empire Strikes Back

    A new assessment of the sombre power of the sequel to Star Wars


> Action/reaction: John McTiernan

    Analysis of three films from a master action director


> Fragments of… Blade Runner: Tears in rain

    Lost words and stories - one of five pieces on the film across this site


Daniel Craig as James Bond -


  > Casino Royale 

      An audacious and effective reworking of Bond on film


  > Quantum of Solace 

      The incoherent second appearance disappoints


  > Skyfall

      A triumph of resurrection from a rendezvous with death      


     > Raising hell: Building the world of Skyfall 

         Uncovering architectural illusions in the film's making


  > Spectre

     A disappointing retread of the past bodes poorly for the future  


Michael Mann -


  > Penumbra: Michael Mann’s twilight world

      Light and shade in the film-maker’s contemporary crime stories


  > Abort, retry, fail? Blackhat  

     Ghosts in the machine corrupt this cyberthriller


  > White/Heat: Raoul Walsh and Michael Mann

     Two crime films, two directors, five decades apart


> Kaleidoscope: Editing Rollerball's Multivision sequences

  Exclusive: Brian Smedley-Aston in conversation





  + over 75 film reviews on the blog pages

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