Chris Rogers  |  Writer on architecture and visual culture

Chris creates and leads architectural tours, often working closely with architects and occupiers, for private groups and organisations including, in 2019, walks in the Barbican arts complex's Brutalism season programme. In 2017 Chris gave a series of talks on architectural memory for the London Festival of Architecture, and delivered the final class of The London Society's Saturday Architecture School.


Chris was invited to join the Almeida theatre’s community of digital writers, who review each new production online - his write-ups can be found in the blog. Chris contributed to The Barbican - Architecture and Light by photographer Alan Ainsworth, published by Oblique, and artist and print-maker Richard Walker invited Chris to write for his biographical book Image and Myth, published by Paul Holberton.  


Online and in print Chris has written for Interiors, Little White Lies, Art Quarterly (the magazine of British art-saving charity The Art Fund), The Architects' Journal and The Big Picture, and has guest-edited the London Architecture Diary. He was also a regular critic for Art of England magazine before its closure.


Chris lives in London and can be found on LinkedIn.

"I'm a reporter for the Hendon and Finchley Press newspaper. I've been following up rumours about the Avengers sequel being shot at the old Peel Centre and came across your blog. Any chance I could give you a call for a quick chat?"


"This is super […] your blog is the best serious introduction to the place we have" Graham Voce, co-owner of the 'Grand Designs' Lambeth Water Tower


"Thanks for sending this – it’s good [...] I think you’ll find further evidence in [Public Enemies] to support the case you elegantly and concisely put forth here." Gavin Smith, Editor, Film Comment, New York


“I’m a student studying Interior Architecture & Design at university. We have recently been given a project to redesign the head office of a NGO. I have chosen the Cancer Research head office in The Angel building….”


“I’m a journalist with the Guardian. I read, with great interest, one of your blog postings as it corresponded to a large extent with an issue that I am currently looking atI would be extremely grateful for any time which you might have to spare. I'm trying to bring myself up to date with the situation in relation to some of the developments you wrote about...”


Responses to a fan link to Fragments of a hologram rose: Re-seeing Blade Runner: Great post [...] Gaff’s deleted script is excellent. Thanks for posting [...] Great, great post [...] Wow, mind blown: that cool gun that Leon uses in the first scene... [...] Yeah good one the Esper discussion is fascinating [...] This has some great photos and bits of information that I hadn’t come across before, thanks! [...]  



Download pdf files of some of these articles, or abstracts from them, by clicking on the relevant button:

Art of England - Clark De Morgan Newsletter Bow Street (abstract) Hidden City (abstract) DSC00613 - Copy - Copy

Portrait: Rob Wickings

Chris Rogers writes, speaks and tours about architecture and other aspects of visual culture, informed by thirty years of research and conversations with practitioners.


His piece on Fitzroy Robinson's atrium buildings in the City of London features in the new peer-reviewed journal from the Twentieth Century Society and he opened that body's spring lecture series for 2020 with an analysis of the origins of the speculative office in the Square Mile.


A second run of his monthly series Beyond the Frame, analysing architecture in film, is hosted by Interiors Journal online.

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